Writing the same test step over and over again? Try Shared Steps in MTM

Writing down effective test cases are very important as it has a huge impact on the test execution phase.

Have you ever written same test steps over and over again in multiple test cases? If you use MTM, it facilitates you to create common test steps in one place which is called, shared steps.  This will save your time. Another important this of shared steps is, if the requirement of a common feature has changed, you will only have to change in one test case, rather changing each and every identical test through the test plan.

How to create shared steps in MTM?

I will use few of Facebook functionalities to explain this.

Let’s assume we will have to test the edit profile and change password functionalities of Facebook. To test these two functionalities, we have to log in to the Facebook first. As we have now identified the login functionality as a common test, we can create a single test case for login and use it as a shared step.

Open up a new test case form and write down the login test steps. Figure 1

1Figure 1

Select login steps(row selection), which you need to share as shared steps. Figure 2

2Figure 2

Click on the highlighted icon in the Figure 2. This action will prompt you a window to name the shared steps. Figure 3

3Figure 3

Name the shared steps and click ‘OK’ to save the shared step. Figure 4

4Figure 4

Once it would get saved, Shared steps will show as in Figure 5

5Figure 5

How to insert an already existing shared step to a test case, in MTM?

As If the login functionality has already created as a shared test, you can insert it in to required test cases.

Open up a new test case form and click on the insert shared steps as highlighted in Figure 6

6Figure 6

It will give you a window to query the shared step. Figure 7

7Figure 7

You may run a query to filter the shared step as in Figure 8

8Figure 8

Select the relevant shared step and click on the Add Shared step button as in the Figure 9

9Figure 9

Once it would get inserted, Shared steps will show as in Figure 10

10Figure 10


As I explained above, MTM Shared steps will help you to minimize the time taken to create common test steps of a project.